Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creative Chemistry Class Day 9

While today's class utilizing Perfect Pearls was great, unfortunately you cannot exactly see the fruits of my labors, lol. The shiny aspects of the Perfect Pearls did not photograph well, except for the upper right hand corner of my first tag!
I have been working on lightening up my colors, and so I am very pleased with my results otherwise!!
Tomorrow is our final class --> Dimensional Mediums


  1. How fun your tags are...Love the colors! I tried to lighten things up now too as a lot of mine where browns...nothing wrong with it, but I have so many fun colors... See you in class tomorrow..can't believe it is almost over.

    1. I can't believe it's almost over too. So cool that we can go back to it forever. I started my blog right before this class, so I am looking forward to posting much more fun!! See you tomorrow!

  2. Love your colour choices. I almost used the same stamp as you for the middle tag, but went with something different.