Monday, November 26, 2012


Yes, I am thankful. About a month ago, we had a terrible fire that burned our garage to the ground. The fire took the building and all four of our vehicles. Thankfully - no one was hurt. Thankfully - the firemen saved the house. Thankfully - we were insured. Thankfully - we can replace the "stuff." So yes, today, one month and one day later, I am thankful!

One thing that has gotten me through the pain of it all has been crafting. There were days that I picked a tutorial and just followed the steps through to completion. If it took me a day, great, because my mind was just so scattered elsewise. I have been wading through paperwork and phone calls and internet car-shopping (yep!), so the relief I found in creating cards, tags and art (love my Art Parts) was palpable. Now that things are settling down, I can breathe a bit again. But there is still art to be made!!

Here is a tag I made for Tim Holtz's monthly tag (Twelve tags of 2012). I didn't have some of the stamps n stuff he used -- I still need to resist the urge to buy every little supply for a project, lol!! I made do and had fun with this one - it uses a lot of the techniques we learned in CC101. It was nice to bring back old memories.