Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Chemistry Class Day 7

Oooh, ooh! I just loved today's class! It was on techniques for embossing, and I have to say... coolness!!  I have always loved embossing - just seeing that powder transform is like magic!

Today we learned a "batik" method where after you have embossed and colored and stamped, etc. (doing the resist technique for the stamping), you place a piece of absorbent paper over the embossing and iron it. The hot iron transfers the shiny embossed powder off of the surface and onto the absorbent paper. So cool!! I used that for the tag on the far right on the red butterfly. If you didn't emboss with a colored ink, as I did here with red, it would just show the color of the paper underneath! I will definitely be trying that in a Stampin' Up! workshop in the near future.

My middle tag was the rusted enamel technique, which I have tried before. I got a little crazy here (I have learned too much chemistry) and stained with Picket Fence distress stain, then dried it and flicked water on it. Not bad... kinda looks like verdigris?

My first tag was done using Distress Embossing powders--these powders have little release crystals that come off after embossing; they also have a sandpapery quality to them as well.

Can't wait for tomorrow--> Paints!!


  1. LOVE your first tag! I love those "weedy" stamps,doesn't matter who makes them! Your Rusted Enamel is very cool too and a great pop of color on the butterfly.

  2. LOVING your colors, absolutely beautiful works.

    Still waiting for my markers too :<(


  3. Great tags! I love them all. I know you will LOVE the markers. I had to have mine ordered from a local shop so I got them. Just remember the black marker don't dry as fast ast the others (learned that AFTER THE LESSON) in the Q & A and I smeared my black writing even after drying. See you in class!

  4. Great tags! I too loved the Batik technique and will definitely try this more.